Elliot Katz is the founder of New York Quality Strings and the proud father of three children. In 2009 his youngest wanted to learn to play the violin. They found a Suzuki teacher and together father and daughter embarked on this wonderful journey.  After visiting a local store Elliot left with two rental instruments. The rental was not only costly but of low quality. After being told by their teacher that the instruments were of too low quality to effectively learn on, dad went back to the store and upgraded the models at an even higher cost. The following year rentals were made with an out-of-state supplier. The quality and pricing of these instruments were acceptable, however, the replacement and servicing of the instrument was difficult because they were not local. These experiences led to the creation of New York Quality Strings.

Bringing music into the home is a beautiful gift. Our goal is to help you make this journey. We provide high quality, affordable instruments with all the advantages associated with being local.


We proudly donate 10% of our profits to youth music programs including:

WHIN Music Program